Jonas Örtegren

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Articles in journals

Zhang, R. , Hummelgård, M. , Olsen, M. , Örtegren, J. & Olin, H. (2017). Nanogenerator made of ZnO nanosheet networks. Semiconductor Science and Technology, vol. 32: 5  

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Chapters in books

Örtegren, J. & Lindgren, M. (2002). Pyroelectric liquid crystalline polymers for second order nonlinear optics. In Recent Research Developments in Optics, 2. India : Trivandrum Research Signpost (Recent Research Developments in Optics). pp. 53-88.

Conference papers

Örtegren, J. & Lundberg, A. (2014). Ink -Media Interaction: Aggregation Of Color Pigments By Salt With Different Valency And Impact On Print Quality. In International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies.. pp. 437--439.

Niga, P. , Örtegren, J. , Alecrim, V. , Klaman, M. , Blohm, E. & Lofthus, J. (2012). Hybrid printing : paper media for combined flexographic and inkjet printing. In Conference proceedings International Paper Physics Conference. Stockholm : . pp. 79--81.    

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Örtegren, J. , Öhlund, T. , Niga, P. , Makeen, K. , Andersson, H. & Nilsson, H. (2012). Print quality issues concerning inkjet printing of colour and electronics on paper. In PTS Symposium: Paper and Imaging 2012. Munich, Germany : . pp. 251--263.

Marianne, K. , Erik, B. , Per-Åke, J. , Jon, L. , Viviane, A. & Jonas, Ö. (2011). Hybrid printing - print quality mechanisms when offset and inkjet are combined. In Advances in Printing and Media Technology, Vol. XXXVIII.

Andersson, H. , Öhlund, T. , Manuilskiy, A. , Forsberg, S. , Örtegren, J. & Nilsson, H. (2010). Evaluation of InkAid surface treatment to enhance print quality of ANP silver nano-particle ink on plastic substrates. In Large Area, Organic & Printed Electronics (LOPE-C) 2010. Frankfurt : . pp. 241--245.

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Rehberger, M. , Odeberg Glasenapp, A. & Örtegren, J. (2010). VDP on packaging - Elementary velocity study on inkjet-printed papers for corrugated board production. In Proceedings of the Technical Association of the Graphics Arts, TAGA.. pp. 198--222.  

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