Sharon Maes

Universitetslektor, biträdande|Associate Senior Lecturer



Teaching and tutoring

Department of Natural Sciences, Design and Sustainable Development (NDH)
Environmental engineering
Scientific writing
Bachelor and master thesis supervision


Articles in journals

Yu, D. , Andersson-Li, M. , Maes, S. , Andersson-Li, L. , Neumann, N. F. , Odlare, M. & Jonsson, A. (2024). Development of a logic regression-based approach for the discovery of host- and niche-informative biomarkers in Escherichia coli and their application for microbial source tracking. Applied and Environmental Microbiology,  

Sadiq, F. A. , De Reu, K. , Burmølle, M. , Maes, S. & Heyndrickx, M. (2023). Synergistic interactions in multispecies biofilm combinations of bacterial isolates recovered from diverse food processing industries. Frontiers in Microbiology, vol. 14    

Maes, S. , Odlare, M. & Jonsson, A. (2022). Fecal indicator organisms in northern oligotrophic rivers : An explorative study on Escherichia coli prevalence in a mountain region with intense tourism and reindeer herding. Environmental Monitoring & Assessment, vol. 194: 4  

Maes, S. , De Reu, K. , Van Weyenberg, S. , Lories, B. , Heyndrickx, M. & Steenackers, H. (2020). Pseudomonas putida as a potential biocontrol agent against Salmonella Java biofilm formation in the drinking water system of broiler houses. BMC Microbiology, vol. 20: 1  

Maes, S. , Heyndrickx, M. , Vackier, T. , Steenackers, H. , Verplaetse, A. & De Reu, K. (2019). Identification and Spoilage Potential of the Remaining Dominant Microbiota on Food Contact Surfaces after Cleaning and Disinfection in Different Food Industries. Journal of Food Protection, vol. 82: 2, pp. 262-275.  

Maes, S. , Vackier, T. , Nguyen Huu, S. , Heyndrickx, M. , Steenackers, H. , Sampers, I. , Raes, K. , Verplaetse, A. & et al. (2019). Occurrence and characterisation of biofilms in drinking water systems of broiler houses. BMC Microbiology, vol. 19: 1  

Maes, S. , Huu, S. N. , Heyndrickx, M. , Van Weyenberg, S. , Steenackers, H. , Verplaetse, A. , Vackier, T. , Sampers, I. & et al. (2017). Evaluation of Two Surface Sampling Methods for Microbiological and Chemical Analyses To Assess the Presence of Biofilms in Food Companies. Journal of Food Protection, vol. 80: 12, pp. 2022-2028.  

Conference papers

Maes, S. , Odlare, M. & Jonsson, A. (2023). Airborne monitoring of water quality in remote regions. Paper presented at the 29th International Sustainable Development Research Society (ISDRS) Conference, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 11-13 July, 2023

Maes, S. , Jonsson, A. & Odlare, M. (2022). Monitoring Tools For Sustainable Water Management In Mountain Areas. In 2022: Book of abstracts: Linnaeus ECO-TECH '22 : 13th International conference on establishment of cooperation between companies and institutions in the Nordic countries, the Baltic Sea region and the world.International conference on natural sciences and technologies for waste and wastewater treatment remediation emissions related to climate environmental and economic effects.. Kalmar :  

Maes, S. , Odlare, M. & Jonsson, A. (2022). Source Tracking of Fecal Contamination in Northern Oligotrophic Rivers. In PROCEEDINGS of the 28th Annual Conference, International Sustainable Development Research Society : Sustainable Development and Courage: Culture, Art and Human Rights. Stockholm :

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