Madelen Olofsson

Prefekt|Head of Department


Articles in journals

Vilches, A. P. , Norström, S. , Olofsson, M. , Fransson, P. & Bylund, D. (2018). Biofuel ash addition increases ectomycorrhizal fungal exudation in pure culture. Environmental Chemistry, vol. 15: 8, pp. 481-492.  

Olofsson, M. & Bylund, D. (2016). Liquid Chromatography with Electrospray Ionization and Tandem Mass Spectrometry Applied in the Quantitative Analysis of Chitin-Derived Glucosamine for a Rapid Estimation of Fungal Biomass in Soil. International Journal of Analytical Chemistry,    

Olofsson, M. & Bylund, D. (2015). Analysis of hydroxamate siderophores in soil solution using liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry and tandem mass spectrometry with on-line sample preconcentration. Journal of Separation Science, vol. 38: 19, pp. 3305-3312.  

Olofsson, M. , Norström, S. & Bylund, D. (2014). Evaluation of sampling and sample preparation procedures for the determination of aromatic acids and their distribution in a podzol soil using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Geoderma, vol. 232-234, pp. 373-380.  

Conference papers

Håkansson Lindqvist, M. , Zimmerman, J. K. M. , Gladh, C. , Olofsson, M. & Mattsson, M. (2022). Sustainability in Mid Sweden University everyday life (HIMUV) : Project design and preliminary results to date.. Paper presented at the Education with Sustainability konferens, Sligo, Ireland, 15-17th August, 2022

Doctoral theses

Olofsson, M. (2015). On the investigation of chemical parameters reflecting microbial activity linked to nutrient availability in forest soil. Dis. (Comprehensive summary) Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University, 2015 (Mid Sweden University doctoral thesis : 230)  


Vilches, A. P. , Gallampois, C. , Olofsson, M. A. , Norström, S. H. , Fransson, P. & Bylund, D. Effects of bio-ash on the exudation pattern of eight ectomycorrhizal fungi - an untargeted metabolomic study.

Olofsson, M. & Bylund, D. Effects of mineral amendment on soil chemistry parameters reflecting microbial activity in a Swedish boreal forest soil.

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