Monica Odlare

Professor, Gäst|Visiting Professor

I am a professor in Environmental Engineering with a PhD in Microbiology. My research is mainly focused on environmental engineering, water treatment, vertical farming, renewable energy sources, and circular economy. My research is related to our resources and how we can work towards a circular economy. I have studied how we can develop more efficient wastewater treatment processes and how we can recover the nutrients that are present in the water. I have studied how we can recirculate organic waste products to arable land, in order to reduce the need for artificial fertilizers. Another exiting area of research relates to vertical farming and how we can use cameras and sensors to monitor crop growth. By doing this we can optimize fertilization as well as irrigation.


Articles in journals

Maes, S. , Odlare, M. & Jonsson, A. (2022). Fecal indicator organisms in northern oligotrophic rivers : An explorative study on Escherichia coli prevalence in a mountain region with intense tourism and reindeer herding. Environmental Monitoring & Assessment, vol. 194: 4  

Conference papers

Maes, S. , Odlare, M. & Jonsson, A. (2023). Airborne monitoring of water quality in remote regions. Paper presented at the 29th International Sustainable Development Research Society (ISDRS) Conference, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 11-13 July, 2023

Maes, S. , Jonsson, A. & Odlare, M. (2022). Monitoring Tools For Sustainable Water Management In Mountain Areas. In 2022: Book of abstracts: Linnaeus ECO-TECH '22 : 13th International conference on establishment of cooperation between companies and institutions in the Nordic countries, the Baltic Sea region and the world.International conference on natural sciences and technologies for waste and wastewater treatment remediation emissions related to climate environmental and economic effects.. Kalmar :  

Maes, S. , Odlare, M. & Jonsson, A. (2022). Source Tracking of Fecal Contamination in Northern Oligotrophic Rivers. In PROCEEDINGS of the 28th Annual Conference, International Sustainable Development Research Society : Sustainable Development and Courage: Culture, Art and Human Rights. Stockholm :

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