Åsa Svensson

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer

  • Professional title: Senior Lecturer
  • Academic title: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Area of responsibility: Programme Director Master's Programme in Public Health
  • Telephone: +46 (0)10-1428020
  • Email: asa.m.svensson@miun.se
  • Visitor address: Campus Östersund
  • Room number: K433
  • Employee in the subject: Public Health Science


2005: BSc Food and Nutrition, University of Gothenburg
2010: MPH, Maastricht University, NL
2015: PhD Food and Nutrition, Umeå University

Area of interest

My main research interest is the promotion of mental health among children and young people, through supportive environments and lifestyles.


Articles in journals

Svensson, Å. , Warne, M. & Gillander Gådin, K. (2021). Longitudinal Associations Between Energy Drink Consumption, Health, and Norm-Breaking Behavior Among Swedish Adolescents. Frontiers In Public Health, vol. 9    

Tolvanen, L. , Svensson, Å. , Hemmingsson, E. , Christenson, A. & Trolle Lagerros, Y. (2021). Perceived and Preferred Social Support in Patients Experiencing Weight Regain After Bariatric Surgery—a Qualitative Study. Obesity Surgery, vol. 31, pp. 1256-1264.    

Warne, M. , Svensson, Å. , Tirén, L. & Wall, E. (2020). On Time : A Qualitative Study of Swedish Students’, Parents’ and Teachers’ Views on School Attendance, with a Focus on Tardiness. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol. 17: 4    

Svensson, Å. , Warne, M. & Gillander Gådin, K. (2018). Energy drink consumption predicts norm-breaking behavior in Swedish adolescents. European Journal of Public Health, vol. 28, pp. 331  

Conference papers

Warne, M. & Svensson, Å. (2023). Youth Aware of Mental Health : a mental illness prevention program with challenges in the local context. Paper presented at the The 10th Nordic Health Promotion Research Conference, Halmstad University, June 14-16, 2023

Warne, M. & Svensson, Å. (2021). School staffs’ attitudes on pupils’ mental health before and after a mental health intervention in the Northern part of Sweden - a study protocol. In SHE ACADEMY 2021 Health Promotion: Call for Action..

Svensson, Å. & Warne, M. (2020). School staff’s views on poor mental health among Swedish students in a rural setting. In European Journal of Public Health.  


Danielski, I. , Lorentzen, L. , Svensson, Å. , Warne, M. & Weimer, K. (2021). Design för energieffektiv vardag : Slutrapport projekt DEVA-skolor. Östersund :  

Warne, M. , Wall, E. & Svensson, Å. (2017). Närvarande elever och positiv skolmiljö för ökat välbefinnande och måluppfyllelse i skolan : Slutrapport från forskarna i projekt Hälsofrämjande skolutveckling inom ramen för Skolverkets anslag för 2016-2017.  

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