Other recruitments from outside the EU/EEA

The process describes the recruitment of other workers from outside the EU/EEA whose period of employment will be longer than three months.

  1. A decision is made to employ a candidate, according to the decision-making and delegation scheme.

  2. Terms of employment and the starting date are sent to the HR administrator using the administration form. Complete everything apart from the coordination number/Swedish personal identity number.

  3. The HR administrator writes an offer of employment based on the information provided in the administration form.

    Further information about offers of employment and forms from the Swedish Migration Board.

  4. The HR administrator sends the offer of employment to the union for approval of the employment terms.

  5. The union reviews and approves the terms, and then returns the form to the HR administrator.

  6. The HR administrator sends the offer of employment via the Swedish Migration Board's e-service.

  7. The Swedish Migration Board informs the employee that supporting documents have been received and that the individual can now begin their application for a work permit (and residence permit).

  8. The employee completes their work permit application using the Swedish Migration Board's e-service or at a Swedish consulate or embassy in the person's country of residence. In principle, the first time an employee applies for a permit, he or she must have it granted before travelling to Sweden. The total turnaround time depends on the position in question, whether the application is complete, the workload at the relevant embassy or consulate, and the workload at the Swedish Migration Board.

    A work permit is linked with a specific employer and profession. If a person changes their employer of profession, they must apply for a new work permit.

    For work permits that last less than one year, it is required that the individual has comprehensive health insurance.

    Further information about work permits
    Further information about visas
    Further information about insurance

  9. The Swedish Migration Board processes and issues a decision regarding the work permit to the employee and HR administrator. The employee can now begin planning for their move to Sweden if a permit has been granted by the Swedish Migration Board. A copy of the work permit/residence permit must be kept in the employee record.

  10. The HR administrator sends a notification to the Swedish Tax Agency regarding the employment of a foreign worker. The administrator simultaneously applies for: 
    A-tax – when an appointment is for more than six months.
    Special income tax for non-residents – when an appointment is shorter than six months.

    Further information about taxation rules

  11. The Swedish Tax Agency sends a coordination number to the HR administrator. This can take up to eight weeks, the exact length of time depending on the workload at the Swedish Tax Agency. The HR administrator thereafter writes a certificate of employment. Salary cannot be paid until the employee has received his or her coordination number.

    Further information about coordination numbers and Swedish personal identity numbers

  12. The department head is responsible for the induction process for the new employee.

  13. The employee applies for an ID card from the Swedish Tax Agency and registers with the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

    Link to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency

  14. For appointments of more than a year: the employee visits the Swedish Tax Agency for national registration. 

    Further information about national registration

  15. When the employee has received his or her ID card, they can apply for a bank account.