Changes in courses and schedules due to the spread of infection

Mon 17 Jan 2022 14:24

According to the Swedish Public Health Agency, the exceptionally high spread of infection seen in Sweden is expected to increase further in the coming weeks. If changes need to take place in your course, do not forget to send these to the Schedule administration.

The prediction is that after this high peak, there will be a steeper decline once the spread decreases. No further recommendations are currently planned for universities. What is emphasized is the opportunity to prioritize digital teaching in the coming weeks. The message is that we will alternate the teaching methods to further reduce the number of people on campus, but distance teaching should not be considered a full time measure.

The overall principle is that the assessment of pedagogical needs is what should decide how we prioritize. Examples of measures can be that large classes can be divided into smaller groups that are taught alternately on campus and at a distance.

Schedule changes and adjustments

Schedules for period 3 are laid out according to the submitted schedule documentation. The teacher / course coordinator needs to send any requests for schedule changes to the schedule administration for, for example, switching to a larger hall or switching to Zoom. There is no corona adjustment of the schedule unless a request for change has been received.

As a large number of requests for urgent schedule changes are received, not all changes can be implemented on the same day. Teachers / course coordinators may therefore need to notify students of upcoming changes in another way, for example via Moodle, as it may take a few days before the change occurs in the schedule.

What applies right now

The possibility of deviating from the course syllabus will be introduced again during the spring semester. A proposal for a principal's decision is being prepared. More information will follow.

The following applies:

• The decision on deviations from the syllabus is extended and applies during the spring semester 2022.

• Everyone who can should work from home until January 31st.

• All meetings should be conducted digitally if possible.

• Keep a distance and avoid congestion.

• Use a face mask if distance cannot be maintained in public transport.

• Stay at home and get tested if you have symptoms.

The page was updated 1/17/2022