Wed 22 Jun 2022 08:53

Right now there is high pressure on travel bookings. The easiest and fastest way is that you book your own train, flight or hotel via the self-booking system.

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Use the self-booking system in the first place

Contact the travel agent in the second place via email and last by phone. If anyone who can use the self-booking does so, it frees up the staff of the travel agency who can take the cases that are not suitable for self-booking. For reasons such as insurance and security, it is important that you book your business trip through the travel agency.

The post-pandemic situation that the entire travel industry is in now means that it takes time to arrive. The travel agency is trying to re-recruit, but previously employed staff have gotten other jobs, therefore it is difficult to find experienced staff who can start without introduction.

Submit your comments

The finance office has regular reconciliation meetings with the travel agency regarding response times and other matters. Please send in your comments here and The finance office will take this up with the travel agency, they are aware of a long waiting time and hope that this will soon turn to a normal situation.

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