Changes at HSV when the English subject is split in two

Tue 02 Apr 2024 17:22

From 1 April, there is a completely new subject at Mid Sweden University – English linguistics. The reason for this is that the subject of English has been divided into a linguistic part and a literary part.

"The background is, among other things, the evaluation of the subject of English that was carried out in 2023, where the evaluation group proposed a division," says Helen Asklund, Deputy Head of Department at HSV and Acting Subject Representative for English Linguistics.

The staff who devote themselves to English literature enter the existing subject of comparative literature, and those who teach and research the structure and design of the English language form the new subject of English linguistics.

"We are strengthening the subject of Comparative Literature through more employees and broader expertise. At the same time, we are starting up a new subject that is completely unique in Sweden," says Helen.

In other countries, it is not uncommon for English linguistics to be a separate subject, but in Sweden it is completely new. Colleagues from other universities have expressed interest in how the subject will be shaped and developed, and this is something that will be discussed at a subject conference in mid-April.

During a transition period, the courses in English will remain but will be staffed from the subjects of Comparative Literature and English Linguistics. This solution is gradually being phased out at the same time as courses in comparative literature with a focus on English, as well as in English linguistics, are being established. 

All employees in the subject of English will retain their positions at Mid Sweden University and the students will not be affected by the reorganization. 

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