Erasmus+ gives employees at Mid Sweden University the opportunity to apply for grants for continuing professional development at a European partner institution, company or organisation. During 2021, applications are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Employees at Mid Sweden University can apply for mobility grants for stays of at least two days (excluding travel days). The grant can be used for job shadowing/site visits as well as for participation in workshops, seminars or courses (not conferences) with a focus on continuing professional development connected to your function/work or general professional development. It does not include professional academic/research development. Grants for language courses, e.g. for teaching in English or improving your communication with international guests and students, can be accepted. 

Application rounds are usually open twice per year, in February and September. During 2021, applications are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Selection Criteria 
All mobilities have to be conducted within the framework of the Erasmus+ Staff Training. The applicant has to motivate in which way the mobility will help the realisation of Mid Sweden University's strategy within one or more areas related to internationalisation. Mid Sweden University's Action Plan for Internationalisation can be of use here in finding a way to link the mobility to the strategy. 

Priority will be given to applications which aim to: 

  • Increase the integration of sustainability in education or our collaboration with the surrounding society
  • Strengthen existing, and develop new, international exchanges
  • Increase the development and quality of flexible teaching/learning and technology-enhanced learning
  • Strengthen and develop our digital study environment
  • Increase and develop Mid Sweden University's third streem activities

The Erasmus+ Staff Training application is open for all categories of staff and teachers and applies to staff weeks, site visits, language courses, and other types of continuing professional development within Erasmus+ Staff Training. The EU Commission's new agenda for higher education also gives special priority to activities to increase the quality of education. This means that staff and teachers can apply for grants also for visits which aim to develop new pedagogical methods as well or curricula development. 

Mobilities are limited to 1 week in order to enable more members of staff to participate. 

How to apply

  1. Identify a partner institution/organisation, type of mobility, and time for the mobility. It is important that the application has been approved by your department, seeing as the grant does not cover all costs for the mobility. Your department will therefore have to finance the remaining costs. 

  2. Fill in the word document Grant/Mobility Agreement on your computer (in English). The document has to be signed by the applicant and Head of Department and be sent to Maria Fredlund, International Officer at the International Relations Office here at Mid Sweden University. 

  3. If your application is approved, send the Grant/Mobility Agreement to the contact person at your host institution/organisation for their signature. Scanned/digital signatures are ok. After this you can book your trip via Mid Sweden University's travel agency. Make sure the travel agency gives you alternatives for low price travel. This can, for example, mean that your flight reaches a location close to your final destination and then you complete the trip via bus/train the rest of the way. 

Please note that your department will cover all costs initially. The payment of the mobility grant (daily allowance and travel grant), takes place after the mobility has been completed. When the International Relations Office receives complete doucmentation and a final online report, they will transfer the grant to the department. 

The grant can be calculated in advance and is based on country of stay, number of days at the host institution/organisation and geographical distance based on a predefined grant levels from the EU COmmission. Please not that the grant rarely covers all costs. Costs beyond those covered by the grant will have to be covered by your department. It is therefore of outmost importance that your department head approves your application beforehand. 

Mobility grant amounts for Erasmus+ 
Distance calculator to determine travel grant amount

After the mobility 
The following documents have to be handed in: 

  • Grant/mobility agreement signed by all three parties (yourself/Head of Department/contact at host institution)
  • Certificate of Attendance, signed by host institution
  • Copy of Expense report from Primula/Egenrapporteringssystemet
  • Copy of travel costs (forward pdf/e-mail of order confirmation from our travel agency)
  • Fill in online report/evaluation EU-survey (link will be sent via e-mail)
  • Share your experiences (e.g. travel reporter, interview, photos)


Documents to be sent in via e-mail or internal mail to:
Maria Fredlund
International Relations Office
Campus Östersund

Questions can be sent to Maria Fredlund 

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