Here, you will find information and ideas about distance education for you as a techer. First of all, you should use Zoom or Moodle in distance learning.

Before Arrival


You will receive your Notification of Selection Results approximately 1 month after application deadline (mid May for autumn semester and mid November for Spring semester studies). You will receive an email from that your results are available to view online. You can download your acceptance as a PDF if your home university requires it.  Once you have been admitted, you are welcome to send us your Erasmus+ Learning Agreement (if applicable).

Apply for residence permit in Sweden

For Non-European citizens
Residence permit and visa information for studies in higher educa­tion

Residence permit             
If you have been admitted to campus based studies for a period longer than three months, you will need to apply for a residence permit for studies. You can apply for a residence permit through the Swedish Migration Agency's webpage. When you have received your Notification of Selection Results, it is time to apply for your residence permit. Students who have been admitted to distance education can apply for a visitor’s permit.
Do you need a visa? 
For studies that are shorter than three months, citizens in certain countries must have an entry visa. If you are unsure whether you will need a visa to enter Sweden, you can consult the Swedish Government's list below. 

Please note that the residence permit application can take at least 2-3 months. Be sure to apply as soon as you have received your Notification of Selection Results to avoid further delays. When you have received your Notification of Selection Results, you will be emailed your insurance certificate, which you need to include in your residence permit application. Contact the International Relations Office if you haven't received your insurance certificate by the time you apply for your residence permit.

Swedish Migration Agency

List of foreign citizens who require Visa for entry into Sweden

Swedish embassies and consulates


Apply for accommodation as soon as you have received your Notification of Selection Results. Please be aware that in order to be qualified for student housing you must be admitted to fulltime studies (30 credits) at Mid Sweden University. 

You are responsible for picking up the keys from your respective housing office during opening hours.  You may have to arrange your own accommodation for the first night if you cannot come during regular office hours to collect your keys. Contact your housing provider to arrange a time to pick up your key. 

Information about accommodation in Östersund and Sundsvall 

Learning Agreement

Learning agreements will only be signed after the Notification of Selection Results have been publisched on You can contact the International Relations Office for a signature by emailing or sending the Learning Agreement through the Erasmus Without Papers system.

Note that it is the sending universty that provides the student with a Learning Agreement and/or other required documents that needs to be signed by the hosting university.

The learning agreement should be filled in, whether it is digitally, online or in paper. The Mid Sweden University information should be the following:

Erasmus code: S MIDSWED01
Address: Holmgatan 10, Sundsvall (no matter your campus of study)
Contact: Kristine Djerf
Role: International Officer

Welcome letters

Once you have been accepted on a course at Mid Sweden University, you can access a digital welcome letter to the course on our website. Please note that some welcome letters may be published a bit later. Welcome letters include general information about your course e.g. course litterature, schedule, name of the course coordinator etc. We recommend that you download the welcome letter for the courses that you will take at Mid Sweden University as these letters contains useful information about the course.  

How to find your welcome letter
The welcome letters are sorted in alphabetical order. First, programmes, and then the courses further down the page. The courses are sorted by subjects. 


Read your course welcome letter here





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