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Here you will find all Deans and employees at the Faculty Office, and their contact details.

Other Staff


Karin Olsson, Manager of the Faculty Office
Mia Wiklander, Administrative Manager for Education
Maria Evans, Administrative Manager for Research

Administrators for the Faculty Board and Councils

Pontus Cavallie-Wase, Administrator and Secretary of the Faculty Board
Sara Häggström, Administrator for The Council for Third-Cycle Education (RUF)
Louise Malmgren, Administrator for The Academic Appointments Council
Anna Scherdin, Quality Administrator, temp Administrator for The Council for First- and Second-Cycle Education (GRU)
Sandra Wahlqvist, Administrator for The Council for First- and Second-Cycle Education (GRU)

Faculty Administrators for Planning


Cecilia Kankaanoja, HSV 
Jenny Berglind Borin, HOV
Katarina Näslund, HSV, UTV


Sandra Wahlqvist, HOV, PSO
Sara Lindahl, EJT

Faculty Administrators for Education


Carina Ring, HSV
Carina Åhlund, EJT
Jenny Berglind-Borin, HOV
Lina Larsson HOV
Maria Hedlund, HSV
(Matilda Dahlén) substitute Johanna Strid, HSV
Sanna Jansson, UTV
Susanne Ståhlberg, UTV, HOV
Åsa Nyberg, UTV, HSV


Anna Vedin, Moodle Support
Annika Jonsson, HOV, PSO
Jenny Halvardsson, substitute HOV
(Joakim Pettersson) substitute Jessica Lilja Agerberg, EJT, UTV
Maria Görlin, UTV, HSV, EJT
Maria Sundberg, PSO
Maria Stigenius, EJT

Faculty Administrators for Reserach

Corné de Beer, FGV, Forum för Gender Studies, and CER, The Centre for Research on Economic Relations
Larsåke Lindström, RCR, The Risk and Crisis Research Centre, and NVC, The Swedish Winter Sports Research Centre
Märit Christensson, ETOUR, The European Tourism Research Institute 

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