Breakfast meeting for doctoral students

Tue 06 Feb 09.30–10.30
Campus Sundsvall and Campus Östersund

Breakfast meeting for doctoral students, campus Sundsvall and campus Östersund

Welcome to breakfast for doctoral students, a forum for doctoral students to meet and socialise together. The meeting takes place at campus Sundsvall every two weeks and at campus Östersund once a month.

In Sundsvall, the meeting takes place at restaurant Grönborg and in Östersund at restaurant Cultum.

If you have any questions, contact:

Maja Klinga, Östersund
Albin Dahlström, Sundsvall
Judit Staller, Sundsvall
Jonas Grahn, Sundsvall
Anka Klecina, Sundsvall

The page was updated 12/18/2023