Read about research councils, education councils, management forums, collaboration groups and other councils and forums.

Equal opportunities

Read about the structure and organisation of the work on equal opertunites.

Education Council

Consultative body in the preparation of primarily matters of strategic or university-wide significance and where decisions are to be taken preferably by the university board or the vice-chancellor.

Management Board

The Management Council is tasked with discussing and preparing cross-cutting issues that span education, research and collaboration issues, but also business-related issues such as business plan,...

University Administration (FLG)

The mission of the University Administration is to create the best conditions for a successful university by offering support and service and by acting strategic and administrative support for the...

The research council

Mission The Research Council initiates and coordinates overarching discussions related to research and doctoral education. The research council’s area of responsibility covers both faculties, and t...


Management forums take place four times a year. The meeting held by the Vice-Chancellor is called managers with personnel responsibility and representatives of the Student Unions.

Central Collaborative Group (CSG)

Members  Lotten Glans, ordförande Victoria Sjöbom Anna Olofsson Hans-Erik Nilsson Ummis Jonsson, SACO Anders Flykt, SACO (Huvudskyddsombud, Östersund) Ann Knutsson, SACO (Huvudskyddsombud, Sundsval...

The Library Council

The Library Council is an advisory body for the Vice-Chancellor, with the task of dealing with questions about the library’s long-term development and choices.

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