Here you will find information and help related to IT issues and primarily directed towards students at Mid Sweden University.

Contact us

Phone: 010-142 80 00

From Monday June 24th to Friday August 9th we have summer hours!
Opening hours phone: Monday-Friday 09:00-11:00 and 13:00-15:00.
You will not find Helpdesk in Service Centre during the summer.

Opening hours phone
Monday-Friday 08:00–11:30 and 13:00–16:00

You will find Helpdesk in Service centre monday to thursday between 11:30-13:00

When you submit a question:

If you need support, it is easier for us to localize the problem if we know exactly what is working or not. Before you call us or contact us via e-mail, please make sure that you have the following in order:

  • Your full name and date of birth
  • Your User Id (for example: maan0901 or moland)
  • Physical location of the problem (Your office, teaching area, dorm, library)
  • The name of the computer if you are in a computer room
  • Which OS your computer is running on (Windows XP, MacOS 10 or similar)
  • At program errors, which version of the programme you are using
  • A description of the problem (what are you trying to do, what´s happening)
  • If the problem is related to a webpage or similar, we want to know the URL to that page ( or at least the URL to the page where the link is.
  • When the problem occured - Has it ever worked? When was the last time you know it worked?
  • Error messages (if any, please write them down exactly as they are presented)

IT Services

Computer labs

Here you will find information about where our computer labs are situated and what programs are installed. All computer labs have a web browser, Microsoft Office, EasyProducer, Easy Reader and...

Digital tools for students

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Printouts and copies

As a student you are able to print, copy and scan at all the printers you have access to, and you can also print from your own device if it can connect to our wireless network.


Read with the ears. Tortalk is available for pc and mac and can read all types of texts; e - books, pdf and inscanned text. Mark text on screen and get it read. You can choose between 60 different...

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