Disciplinary matters

Assessing a suspected illicit action can be seen as a way of quality assessing the university’s activities. Was the university clear enough in terms of the applicable rules and what is expected from the student? Was the student responsible enough for his or her actions and studies?

In which cases will a student be suspected of plagiarism, cheating or other illicit actions? 

In accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance, the university must investigate reported cases of illicit actions in their academic studies. In the Higher Education Ordinance, chapter 10, section 1, you will find a list of the illicit actions that will lead to disciplinary matters. These actions can be divided into three groups: suspected disinformation, disturbance, and harassment.

What are the university rules? 

It is quite common for students to feel uncertain about the rules and regulations the university has, for instance regarding an exam. This is particularly the case for take-home examinations and unsupervised examinations, but this can also be the case in the context of written examinations on campus.
Should you hesitate about a certain situation, please contact the course representative before the examination. We recommend you to do so in written; so that you can present the information you were given later on if needed.


If a student is considered to have done something illicit, and after the report has been investigated, the possible consequences are a warning or suspension. If the investigation does not lead to a solution, or if what the student has done is allowed, the matter will be dismissed. Regardless of the result of the investigation, the Disciplinary board never decides whether an exam is passed or not, that is the examiner´s decision.


Mid Sweden University is well aware of the fact that many students find it troublesome to be accused of having done something illicit. Therefore, we offer students the opportunity to make an appointment at the Student Health Office, studenthälsan, confidential and free of charge.