Mid Sweden University has many partner universities around the world. Degree seeking students at Mid Sweden University have the possibility to apply to study abroad at a partner university for 1-2 semesters.

The application to study abroad is open twice a year. However, it is a good idea to start planning as early as possible during your education. In some programmes, there is one specific semester that works well for studying abroad. Talk to your programme manager to find out which semester that works best in your programme. Below you can find answers to the most common questions regarding studying abroad.

1. Am I eligible?
You need to be a degree seeking student at Mid Sweden University and have earned at least 60 credits from Mid Sweden University before you study abroad. You need to have followed your program time line. The intended study abroad need to be full time (30 credits per semester). Please note that if you are a non-EU student and/or need a residence permit for studying in Sweden, certain regulations apply.  More information about eligibility and the selection process.

2. When can I study abroad?
This depends on your degree programme. Talk to the program manager or the academic contact person at your department to find out which semester that is suitable in your programme.

3. Where can I go?
This depends on the subjects and courses in your programme. Many partner universities are available only for certain departments or subjects, while others offer a wider range of subjects. Programmes often recommend specific partner universities that work well in terms of courses offered and semester dates. Search in the database, and discuss your alternatives with the academic contact person in your department before applying. Where you can go also depend on whether or not you need a study permit or visa.

To the database (link coming soon, due to a system change)

4. Will I graduate on time?
Choose courses at the partner university along with your department and write a Learning Agreement. This way you ensure that you choose courses that count towards your degree.

5. When can I apply? 
The regular application period is in January-February each year, for studying abroad in the coming academic year (autumn and/or spring semester). There is also a second exchange period in September for remaining places in the spring semester.  

Application process

Support for students with disabilities, Erasmus+

Particpants with disabilities who need special support or other arrangements during their exchange studies within the exchange program Erasmus+ may apply for extra financial support to cover these specific costs. The financial support is available only for participants with documented needs. Financial support could be granted for costs such as a note taker, sign language, psychotherapy, special transportation, higher costs related to accommodation arrangements, and similar. Contact the International Relations Office and/or coordinators for students with disabilities for more information.