PUPIL: Pedagogiskt Utvecklings-Project I Labbet (Pedagogical Development Project for the Laboratory)


PUPIL is a teaching tool intended for distance teaching of experimental psychology to students that are not on campus. The system is completely browser based and does not require any locally installed software, neither for the person designing the experiments nor for the students running the experiments.

Most of the documentation is available in the wiki.

Downloading PUPIL

There are PUPIL binaries available here: download PUPIL

Installing PUPIL

There are installation instructions for Windows and Ubuntu in the INSTALL.md file in the docs directory. This file is also bundled in the "SETUP" directory in the zip file, if you have downloaded a binary distribution. Questions can be posted in Github's issues section. Additional software is required for installation.

Building PUPIL

For source code, please visit MIUNPsychology/PUPIL at Github. There are building instructions in BUILD.md file in the docs directory.

Citing PUPIL

This software is distributed for free under the Apache License and we do ask those who use this program or adapt its functions to cite it in their work. Please include a link to this website (miun.se/pupil), and cite the reference below.

Bernhardsson, J., Champoux-Larsson, M.-F., Palmius, J., & Bjärtå, A. (2017). PUPIL - A tool for creating and conducting online distributed experimental paradigms. International Convention of Psychological Science, Vienna, Austria.

License PUPIL Source Code


Apache License, Version 2.0, January 2004, http://www.apache.org/licenses/

The project's origins

The project was funded by Mid Sweden University educational plan on flexible learning back in 2009 with Professor Jan Lisspers as principal investigator.