Turism och hållbar utveckling i Härnösand och Höga kusten

Syftet med denna förstudie var att identifiera potentialen för turismens vidareutveckling i Härnösand och Höga kusten på ett sätt som ökar den övergripande hållbarheten i regionen.

Despite Härnösand’s position as a key gateway community to the Höga Kusten UNESCO World Heritage site, its full potential as a tourist destination has not been realized. This is somewhat surprising given that the city’s growth strategy (Tillväxtstrategi Härnösand, 2017) highlights the significance of Höga Kusten both as an internationally recognized site as well as its brand image. Indeed, the growth strategy pinpoints the region’s attraction for cruise tourists and hikers, as well its various cultural and historical facilities.

This pre-study aims to identify the potential for further developing tourism in Härnösand and Höga Kusten in a manner that enhances the region’s overall sustainability. The objective is to avoid the “numbers game” whereby communities chase increasing arrivals and revenues without anticipating the ramifications of this increase. Rather, the hope is that this pre-study will lay the ground for tourism development in the region in a manner that supports the community’s overall sustainability objectives. As a point of departure, it focuses on the following broad themes: (a) festivals and events; (b) nature-based tourism with a specific emphasis on coastal attractions; (c) gastronomy and; (d) the potential of establishing a college offering an innovative education with regards to the visitor industry. This background research will lead towards a full-blown project application for effectively developing and managing tourism in the context of Härnösand’s overall sustainability objectives.

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