Cathrine Gladh

Internationell samordnare


Mid Sweden University aims at developing and
maintaining strategic international partnerships.
These can be a broad cooperation or very specific
for certain areas. This is due to a firm belief that fewer
but broader cooperation will strengthen all activities
that can be found in the line of internationalization.
Some of our disciplines are not possible to be found in
a broader context and hence, we also have
one-to-one discipline cooperation.

The Faculty of Science, Technology and Media, host
each year in August "Summer University" this is a
two week intensive course under the umbrella of
"Sustainable future".

It is possible due to strong cooperation with a
number of partner Universities, projects offered
are submitted and taught by lecturers
from all over Europe.

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Håkansson Lindqvist, M. , Zimmerman, J. K. M. , Gladh, C. , Olofsson, M. & Mattsson, M. (2022). Sustainability in Mid Sweden University everyday life (HIMUV) : Project design and preliminary results to date.. Paper presented at the Education with Sustainability konferens, Sligo, Ireland, 15-17th August, 2022

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