Helena Örnkloo

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Hreinsdottir, J. , Ewald, U. , Strand Brodd, K. , Örnkloo, H. , Von Hofsten, C. & Holmström, G. (2013). Ophthalmological outcome and visuospatial ability in very preterm children measured at 2.5 years corrected age. Acta Paediatrica, vol. 102: 12, ss. 1144-1149.  


Champoux-Larsson, M. , Dylman, A. , Örnkloo, H. & Esteves, F. G. (2016). Identification of Facial Expressions of Emotion in Balanced and Unbalanced 4-year-old Bilinguals. Paper presented at the Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing Psychology Workshop, Bilbao, Spain, 2016; Conference on Multilingualism, Ghent, Belgium 2016