Jennie Olofsson

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I work as a Senior Lecturer at the Dept. of Social Sciences. I teach, in, for example gender studies, work life studies, qualitative methods and risk, and crisis management. My current research interest concerns management of electronic waste (e-waste) and the environmental consequences that follow. Theoretically, I draw on feminist theories, feminist technoscience studies and neo-materialism.

I hold a PhD (2010) in Gender and Technology (the Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences Luleå University of Technology, Sweden). My dual affiliation with gender and technology studies and e-waste studies is complemented with longstanding experiences of ethnographic fieldworks, for example within car mechanics, electrical companies, traffic schools, the welding industry, the Swedish fire service and the Swedish e-waste recycling industry.

I am also actively engaged as a researcher in organizational initiatives concerning gender equality. In 2005, I initiated a gender equality certificate at Umeå University, Sweden, and between 2010 and 2012 I pursued research evaluation at Filmpool Nord, Sweden’s second largest regional center for film and television production.


Artiklar i tidskrifter

Olofsson, J. & Mali, F. (2017). Electronic waste—a modern form of risk? : On the consequences of the delay between the increasing generation of electronic waste and regulations to manage this increase. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, vol. 23: 6, ss. 1272-1284.