Gabriela Paladino


I am an environmental scientist, currently focused on the research and development of biological methods for the removal of organic and inorganic pollutants from complex environmental matrices. My background is strong in soil and sediments pollution and remediation, but I am also very interested in the development of nature-based solutions that promote circular flows of materials and energy. I am a true believer in the social value of science, therefore I am always guided by the goal of finding direct and useful applications for my research in real-scale scenarios.


Artiklar i tidskrifter

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Dupaul, G. , Kristoffersson, L. , Paladino, G. , Hacioglu, B. , Gamage, S. , Eivazihollagh, A. , Haller, H. , Holm, S. & et al. (2020). Fiberbanks as substrate and feedstock for biological remediation : A practical analytical method development for organic pollutants analysis. I Book of Abstracts.

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