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Artiklar i tidskrifter

Borglund, E. A. M. & Engvall, T. (2014). Open data?: Data, information, document or record?. Records Management Journal, vol. 24: 2, ss. 163-180.  


Engvall, T. & Hellmer, E. (2017). As money turns digital and trust turns algorithmic : what ought to be considered?. Paper presented at the Maintaing the Facts Infrastructure in the Era of Post-Truth Politics 19-20 september 2017, National Swedish heritage board, storgatan 41, Stockholm  

Engvall, T. (2017). The data dilemma : who is in control?. I The data dilemma: a risk or an asset? eabh international workshop in cooperation with InFuture conference, Zagreb, Croatia, 10 November, 2017.    

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