ECOHUM, the Eco-Humanities Hub, was launched by the Department of Humanities at Mid Sweden University in the spring of 2014.

ECOHUM helps coordinate a new set of linked research projects and educational initiatives through which five subjects in Mid Sweden University’s Department of Humanities - English, History, Comparative Literature, Religion, and Spanish - engage Environmental Humanities study foci.

Due to its strong ties to numerous institutional and organizational partners, ECOHUM’s other active engagements extend from local and national to international cooperations. In addition to providing the principal anchoring environment for the Nordic Network for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies (NIES), ECOHUM is a charter member institution in the European Environmental Humanities Alliance. (EEHA)

The engaging interdisciplinary research environment is shaped by affiliated researchers at Mid Sweden University and visiting scholars who, sharing both their expertise in the field and their most current research, form  an integral part of the scholarly exchange and cooperation that ECOHUM enables.


Ongoing Projekts at ECOHUM

5-8 December 2014
Rethinking Environmental ConsciousnessAn International Research Symposium of the Environmental Humanities, 5-8 December 2014, Mid Sweden University, Campus Sundsvall