The Environmental Humanities at Mid Sweden University

While the state of environmental humanities study is not yet uniform within the various subjects that make up the Department of Humanities at Mid Sweden University, the study area is already well advanced in the English and History subjects, which seriously engage in environmental humanities scholarship in the form of externally funded project and publications, active involvement in national and international networks based in this field, and PhD projects anchored in this area.

Seeking to build on the strengths and advantages of the more established subjects, ECOHUM helps build capacity in the subjects where a keen interest in engaging more fully in this study area has been shown and environmental/ ecological focus areas are being developed (list).

In the process, ECOHUM aims to promote a productive exchange of ideas among students, researchers and teaching staff that will strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation and knowledge production among the full range of humanities subjects at Mid Sweden University.

Paving the way for increased cooperation between the humanities and other academic environments at Mid Sweden University that also engage environmental study topics is an additional ambition that ECOHUM will continue to pursue.