The Dimensions

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The EC Dimensions are the building blocks of our event evaluation and consultancy. They are divided into five internal process dimensions and three external impact dimensions.

The process dimensions consist of Organisation, Planning, Marketing, Design and Safety/Risk. In short they represent elements that should be a part of any successful and responsible event organisation.

Impact dimensions are concerned with the outputs of the event organisation. Outputs both in terms of the events performance held up against its own objectives but also its impacts on the host community, the event goers and the environment. The impact dimensions are therefore divided into the triple bottom line constisting of Economic, Environmental and Socio-Cultural.

Design Dimension

In event research, Design is closely connected to the experience value of the event to the visitor.

Economic Dimension

The economic dimension handles all economic outputs/externalities of the event firm and the individual event.

Environmental Dimension

The Environmental dimension might well represent one of the most polarizing topics in modern society.

Marketing Dimension

The Marketing dimension is concerned with the specific processes that form the market value of the firm’s brand and products as well as those that impact the accessibility of these products to the consumer.

Organization Dimension

The Organization dimension covers the structure and general managerial mechanisms of the event firm.

Planning Dimension

Planning implies strategic decision-making, often several years ahead.

Safety/Risk Dimension

Probably the most “current” dimension and a question that event organizers have to deal with in one form or another.

Social-Cultural Dimension

The Social and Cultural realms are grouped together in the Event Compass.