Smart dragons to Sundsvall

Fri 12 May 2017 13:52

In May, it is time for Sundsvall's popular dragons to once again move out and put color on the city. New for this year is that Sundsvall gets its first smart dragons that are possible to interact with. The first dragons with the new technology is from Mid Sweden University and Grant Thornton. The project is a collaboration between Stadsparaden, Adal and STC Research Centre.


The dragons in Sundsvall is a popular feature today, especially among the kids. The company Stadsparaden has founded the concept that will give life and joy to city centers in a commercial and artistic way through sculptures that symbolize the city. This year, two new smart dragons join the family. The new dragons are the Mid Sweden University dragon that you can interact with through a memory game, and Grant Thornton's dragon with diodes that flash when touching the dragon's charts.

- We wanted to take the concept to the next level, and therefore the collaboration with Mid Sweden University and Adal fits perfectly. In the future, the idea is that we will be able to offer more companies the opportunity to make their dragons interactive through smart solutions, says Julia Hamrin, CEO of Stadsparaden.

The project is a collaboration between Stadsparaden, the electronics consulting company Adal and the research project SMART at Mid Sweden University.

- We saw an opportunity to visualize our research in a different and fun way. We are getting more connected, so why not connect the dragons? The collaboration fits well within the framework of the research project SMART, focusing on the online community and the Internet of Things, says Mattias O'Nils, professor and project manager at STC Research Centre.

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