Get control of the office environment

Fri 09 Mar 2018 06:23

Here you will see a demonstration of Mittuniversity's new Office Tracker. Office Tracker is an office environment sensor system that collects different measurement values in a building to facilitate service and maintenance to create a better working environment.

A first demonstrator of Office Tracker is currently being tested in Mid Sweden University's own facilities where a wireless sensor system have been set up in offices, coffee room and meeting rooms.

All measurement data are sent wirelessly by a LoRa network and is presented in a simple and clear way on this website. Here you can see the current value for temperature, humidity, light and CO2 levels in each room.

With a simple click, you will get a chart of metrics where you can choose to see the values ​​for a specific period or a specific time and you can also see different peaks of the day.

The model also displays energy and water consuption since these meters has been connected to the model.

In the conference room there is a motion sensor that measures attendance and can indicate if the room is available and how much the room is used which can facilitate meeting planning.

Office Tracker is developed in the research project SMART in collaboration with, the real estate companies Castellum and Mitthem. The system will be tested in other office environments and linked with so-called BIM models - Building Information Modells.

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