Wed 06 Feb 2019 10:40

Can you measure the volume of timber using AI? Listen to Associate Professor Jan Lundgren at STC, who talks about the research collaboration between Mid Sweden University, the University of Salerno and SDC (Forestry Data Center), now Biometria. Watch the film on YouTube.

In Sweden, we sell timber in volume instead of weight, which is easier to measure. At present, the measurement is done manually, where operators estimate the volume via a computer screen.

By using AI instead, you estimate the volume based on different parameters such as weight, when the trees have been harvested during the year, how much sun and rain the trees have been exposed to and for how long.

Then a so-called neural network is created in which all the parameters are entered, they are correlated, and you get an estimate of the volume of the load on the timber car.

A scientific article on this research has been accepted and will be presented in May 2019 at the I2MTC 2019 conference in Auckland, New Zealand.

Watch a presentation from the 2018 Science & Innovation Day where Jan Lundgren and the doctoral student Marco Carratù talk more about AI and Timber Measurement: to the video (opens in new window)


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