The society of today is moving away from fossil based energy towards renewable sources.


The cost of green energy devices is still too high for a wider adoption. To reduce the price new ways of effective production and materials and new types of energy devices are needed.

In this research project we will;

1. increase the technology understanding of the mechanism of triboelectric nanogenerators as well as the technology to design this kind of vibration to electric energy conerting device.

2. develop materials and printing processes that will enable costeffective manufacturing of energy devices.

3. demonstrate a simple prototype of an energy device that enables conversion of wind flow into vibrations and combine with triboelectric nanogenerators.

The expected outcomes of the project include novel materials that are compatible with printing manufacturing of energy devices. Even though the material-printing development is targeting energy devices, the focus if the project is on the material-process part. However, in the long run, such novel energy devices might be of high significance of the green energy vision.

Nanogenerators is potentially an important new contribution to convert mechanical electrical energy that is both efficient and compatible with the KM2 vision of large-scale low-cost manufacturing of energy surfaces. Since nanogenerators is a new technology, a large body of new knowledge is required to explore the technology and it thus give ample opportunities to do research with impact.

The nanogenerator project is based of the technologies that we have previously developed, so the project will result in strengthening of our technology base, thus prepare us for developing a research profiel in the KM2 area. The Nanogenerator research project is part of the strategic action KM2 Innovative Green Energy in Mid Sweden University. The research profile is developed in cooperation between STC and FSCN research centres together with partner companies.