Develops detectors; thermal detector for CO2 based indoor climate control, electron detectors and detectors for Thermal Neutrons. Within photonics the main focus is on the development of new optical fiber based laser sources and fiber optic sensors for industrial and medical applications.


Ongoing research projects

MiLo — environment in the control loop

Climate change, pollution and noise have a major impact on society. In this project, researchers with new technology want to measure environmental parameters over large areas, which creates...

Completed research projects

Micro/Nanoelectronics Competence Hub

In this project researchers will establish a Competence Hub within the field of Micro/Nanoelectronics with the object to gather and share knowledge between academy and companies


Göran Thungström

Docent|Associate Professor

+46 (0)10-1428805

Mehdi Akbari Saatlu

Doktorand|Doctoral Student

+46 (0)10-1428161

Claes Mattsson

Prefekt |Head of Department

+46 (0)10-1428498

Marcin Procek

Teknologie Doktor |PhD (Engineering)