civilingenjör i teknisk kemi

The subject chemical engineering is defined at Mid Sweden University as the knowledge of and the applications of a renewable raw material (forest) with the aim of providing a scientific basis, which can lead to further development or creation of new ones or improved products and processes, where the wood fiber or materials from the forest product can be utilized. The subject of chemical engineering also includes knowledge of and applications of chemical engineering solutions of a more generic nature, such as in the forest industry can be applied in other industries and societies. The research methodology is interdisciplinary.

Ongoing Research Projects

BioRem Fiber

Within the BioRem Fiber research project, the goal is to develop market-adapted environmental technology to clean up fiber banks along the coast of Västernorrland with the help of fungi, plants and...


FoamFiber will use nanocellulose-cellulose composites to replace fossil plastic products, in order to meet the major climate challenges in today's society.

FORIC - Forest as a Resource Industrial College

FORIC is our industrial research school for PhD students. FORIC's full name is Forest as a Resource Industrial Research College. The research school is funded by Knowledge Foundation and we coopera...

Pulp & Paper Professionals

Pulp&Paper Professionals is a project that aims to advance knowledge of industrial professionals within the area of pulp and paper technology. The project started in july 2020 and runs for two year...


This research project contains process modelling and full-scale evaluation of new segment design in a refiner for paper industry.