Transformative Technologies is a research environment formed of the research centres STC and FSCN that collaborate with a mixture of forestindustry and ICT challenges.


Research for growth and renewal

Tranformative Technologies combines the industrial strengths of the Sundsvall region with the dynamic force that Mid Sweden University represents. Since 2011, the Knowledge Foundation has been supporting us through the 10-year program Knowledge and Competence centres, KC centres. The university attracts and educates young people to work in the region and sustain industrial competitiveness. Through its research and knowledge transfer the university facilitates renewal. When acting in symbiosis, the current industrial core and new businesses at its edges can become an effective ecosystem that continuously renews itself.

One of the goals of our research is to contribute to growth, transformation and innovation for the partners within Transformative Technologies. Together with municipalities and companies we work with a regional agenda for research, innovation and education. The common agenda promotes cooperation within the region. Key partners for development are the innovation clusters Fiber Optic Valley and RISE Processum.

The Vision Transforming the Industrial Ecosystem

The aim of the vision Transforming the Industrial Ecosystem is to contribute to development and growth from different perspectives. Transformation is important for the forest industries who need to develop new products and new business areas. Information technology is a growth engine that creates new products and services. By linking these two industries, we create an industrial ecosystem with particularly exciting prospects regionally and nationally. Co-production is the central point of many of the research projects within the research environment, which means that project teams have both academic and industrial members. It provides dynamic and interesting environments that can identify solutions and thereby driving growth in both established and new companies.

Criteria to work with Transformation of the Industrial Ecosystems

  • Exploit the competitive advantages of the region
  • Choose opportunities from a global perspective
  • Use information technology as a key enabler
  • Adapt to changing markets
  • Supply competences and skills
  • Profile of the most exciting future opportunities

Research Centres within Transformative Technologies

  • STC (Sensible Things that Communicate)
  • FSCN (Fibre Science and Communication Network)