Winter Sports

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On this page you will find news and information from Mid Sweden University, collected under the tag WINTER SPORTS. This page is created based on the tag you clicked to get here.

There are 25 English pages and 61 Swedish pages that are tagged with WINTER SPORTS. The content may vary depending on language.

Ice hockey: Match demands, physical attributes of the players and physiological capacities

Ice hockey is an intermittent sport where high-intensity efforts are interspersed with passive recovery periods. These varied demands in exercise...

Safety systems for head injuries

With the help of a constructed surrogate head with many sensors, the researchers hope to gain knowledge of what is happening in the brain during trauma to...

Pacing strategies in cross-country skiing

In all endurance sports, the choice of pacing strategy is an important component for optimal performance where time gains can be achieved if the speed...

Global satellite systems for tactical analysis in cross-country skiing

How the use of a customised satellite navigation device can help in the analysis of micro-pacing strategies and performance in cross-country skiing T...

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