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At STC research center we offer an education called Master by Research (MBR) in Electronics. The Master by Research programme targets those who are highly motivated to develop skills and knowledge for future career in academic, industrial or public R&D. This is also an excellent preparation for future doctoral studies.

MBR is a study programme where the students start up their own project, which after two years will lead a Master's thesis. The students will be a member of a research group at STC and carry out research closely supervised by a professor and other members of the research group.

Only a few students will be admitted to MBR. If you have shown excellent results in your Bachelor studies and are self-motivated to further specialize in your field academically, this is something for you.

Master by Research in Electronics

Research group: Visual Sensor Systems

Visual Sensor System is a research group in STC research centre. In the group, research focus is embedded vision systems especially optical measurement and surveillance systems. The group is working together with industry on real world problems.

Visual sensor system group is looking for a student who will be working together with our researchers. The applicant is required to have knowledge and interest in both software and hardware based embedded systems.

The focus area will be embedded vision systems for safety critical applications which have real time requirement. The aim is to investigate and develop energy efficient and high performance embedded solutions for such applications. The study will involve scientific work and experimental work such as simulation, synthesis and implementation.

Research Group: Wireless Sensor Systems

The Wireless Sensor Systems research group has a focus on sensor and measurement systems, enabled by modern wireless data transfer. The applications of these systems are broad, but industrial sensing and environmental monitoring are current focus areas within the group.

We are currently looking for students in the research area of energy harvesting for wireless embedded systems. The applicants should have previous experience and a strong interest in at least one of the following areas: hardware design, embedded systems, system modeling, machine learning. Experience with wireless sensor networks and energy harvesting is beneficial. You will work in close collaboration with our researchers. The project will include both simulation and experimental work, and will have a strong scientific focus.

Research group: Radiation Sensor Systems

The Radiation Sensor Systems group at Mid Sweden University is actively participating in several European detector development projects, such as, the MEDIPIX collaboration at CERN, the PERCIVAL project at DESY and the BRIGHTNESS project at the European Spallation Source (ESS). The main activities of the group concern development of semiconductor based pixelated radiation detectors and, also applications of radiation detectors for material inspection and environmental measurements.

We are announcing an open position for a student within the Master by Research program. This two year research based study program will mainly focus on Phase-Contrast X-ray Imaging technique [1][2][3] and its applications. We are looking for a student with good knowledge in the following areas: sensor technology, signal/image processing, advanced programming (e.g. Matlab, C/C++, Python). Experience from radiation measurement systems is beneficial.

You will be working in a dynamic environment with excellent researchers. The work includes simulations, design and constructions of experimental setup and measurements.

Research group: Power Electronics

The research group in Power electronics is currently working in different fields such as high performance power converters, induction heating and resistance welding applications. Power converters with high power density are developed with new semiconductor materials, novel transformer designs and high frequency operation. Power converters that can handle a larger voltage variations with high efficiency over the whole range are also under development. The research group are also working on induction and resistive heating for plastic welding. We are using microprocessors for the control of the power electronics so experience from embedded systems and power electronics are beneficial.

Do you find some of these subjects interesting and have the ability to work independently towards a common goal in a research oriented way then please send in an applications and we discuss your opportunities based on your interests and current projects.

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