Summer University on the theme "Sustainable Future" 2022 is planned to be offered 8th-19th August 2022 at IT Sligo, Ireland.

Campus IT Sligo
IT Sligo, Ireland

During the course of two weeks, Summer Academy offers you the chance to develop your creative thinking, to be a specialist in your field of research and perform under real-life working conditions. You will meet students and teachers from all over the world, work across multidisciplinary fields and acquire useful experience in preparation for the future, which will also be a good addition to your CV!

More about the projects!

Mid Sweden University is organising the international summer university in collaboration with partner universities.  Participants work in small teams where all members combine their knowledge and experience to find exciting solutions to the challenges posed by the project in your area of expertise.

This is also a unique possibility to study and explore nature next door, experience another culture together with students from various countries. You will experience inspiring lectures around the theme of Sustainable Futures, where qualified lecturers from Mid Sweden University  and our other partner universities will share their knowledge.  Together with the other students, you will also have the opportunity to see the surrounding area, go for day trips and participate in other social activities.


The summer university gives you the opportunity to:

  • Develop your creative thinking

  • Be a specialist in your field of study

  • Perform under real-life working conditions. 

  • Meet students from all over the world and work interdisciplinarily

  • Useful experience in preparation for the future


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I wanted to learn how I could apply design in the real world, knowing that Sweden is known for its use of sustainability.

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Summer University is a place to learn and grow. To meet new people and work together as a team.

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At first I was a little lost in what was wanted from us and the goal, but we found a way to work around it and define our goals; then it was really cool to work with everyone towards those goals.

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I like that the project group consists of people from different countries that are studying various subjects. This way, we all have a different perspective on things and can contribute to our knowledge.

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Perfect time and place to work for sustainability, meet new people, and grow in yourself.

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The best part about the summer university was to meeting new people from different cultures and just enjoying spending some time with everyone!

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The best about the summer university was that even though you are being challenged in working with international people and hard work, there is a feeling of cambratery both among the students and from the teachers. These kinds of projects make learning a lot more fun!

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