Kvinnlig längdskidåkare mot vit bakgrund.

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Safety systems for head injuries

With the help of a constructed surrogate head with many sensors, the researchers hope to gain knowledge of what is happening in the brain during trauma to the head. In this way, even better safety...

Athlete Monitoring in Cross-Country Skiing

During the 2018-2019 season, the Swedish Winter Sports Research Centre and the Swedish Ski Federation will be commencing a longitudinal project focusing on athlete monitoring whithin cross-country...

Sensor tests to deliver more medals

By means of advanced sensor tests, researchers can measure exactly where on a track a skier slows down or speeds up. This allows their performance to be analysed and training sessions adjusted. The...

“Not everyone has this opportunity”

The members of the Swedish National Cross-Country Skiing Team now have the opportunity to test out the courses for the 2018 Winter Olympics on a treadmill. At the Swedish Winter Sports Research...

The digital sports arena

Training apps, heart rate monitors and competition suits fitted with sensors are just a selection of the glut of technological innovations to have swept across the world of sport in the past few...

Applied mechanics

The applied mechanics lab is a flexible lab where we design customized test rigs and perform advanced measurement to measure how different mechanical forces affect materials and product properties.

Cross-country skiing and warm-up

Here is a set of evidence-guided recommendations for warm-up before cross-country skiing, written by Kerry McGawley, Director of the Swedish Winter Sports Centre.

Wind tunnel

The wind tunnel houses one of the largest treadmills in the world, an enormous fan and advanced climate function allowing for groundbreaking research and testing of various materials and products i...

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