There are a number of benefits available to employees. The following are the most common.

Fitness programme

Based on local collective agreements, Mid Sweden University offers fitness activities during working hours for one hour per week in the case of full-time employees. You can also receive compensation up to 2,500 SEK per calendar year for your fitness activity. The fitness hour and fitness compensation are proportionate to how many hours you work and your length of employment

Additional information about the fitness programme

Parental allowance supplement

Employees at Mid Sweden University are entitled to receive a parental allowance supplement for up to 360 days per child. The supplement is 10 percent of the calendar day salary up to the base price limit. For the part of a salary that exceeds the base price limit, the parental allowance supplement is 90 percent of the calendar day salary. The supplement is only paid at the level that sickness benefit is based on. 

In order to receive the parental allowance supplement, you must submit the payment slips from Försäkringskassan to the National Government Service Centre (statens servicecenter). 

  • Go to Primula, which can be found in the Verktyg ('Tools') menu
  • In Primula, select Ersättningar/Arvoden ('Remuneration/Fees') in the menu to the left
  • Choose the form called Föräldrapenningtillägg ('Parental allowance supplement')
  • Fill in the dates (start and end dates) that the payment is for
  • Attach the payment slip from Försäkringskassan under Medd/bil ('Notes/attachments') and remember to click lägg till ('attach')
  • Finally, click skicka ('Send')

Further information about parental leave

Visits to the doctor, medical care and medicine

Employees are entitled to be free from work for visiting a doctor or dentist etc. without losing pay. You can be reimbursed for part of the cost incurred for visits to a doctor, physiotherapist or for hospital stays. You can also be reimbursed for prescription medicines that you have received. 

Further information about visits to the doctor, healthcare and medicine

Salary supplement for child healthcare

When an employee is on leave with temporary parental allowance, a salary supplement is paid for the part of that person's salary that is above the base price limit for a maximum total of 10 days per year, in accordance with the Villkorsavtalet agreement; so remember to report your absence in Primula.


All employees are entitled to a long, contiguous period of rest and recreation during the year. Employees are entitled to their holiday from their first year of employment.

  • 28 days of holiday per year until the age of 29
  • 31 days of holiday per year until the age of 30
  • 35 days of holiday per year until the age of 40

Further information about holidays and holiday days.

Occupational pension

Government employees are entitled to an occupational pension, a disability pension in the case of long-term sickness, and funds for their family in case of the employee's death.

For more information, consult the National Government Employee Pensions Board.