Please contact our travelling agency, XLNT Travel, regarding business trips.


Meetings that do not involve travelling contribute to the sustainable development of Mid Sweden University, by means of economic savings and less negative impact on the environment. As far as possible, we therefore ask you to choose travel-free options, such as web, video conferences or phone, for your meetings. Should you need to travel, you will find some information on business trips below. As of 1 April 2019, business trips are booked via XLNT Travel.

XLNT Travel offers both personal service and an online system for business trips

Online system: Self-booking system
Phone: +46(0)10-25 25 605

Personal service 8  17

In order to be able to offer you the best personal service possible, we have a fix team that helps you with your business trip bookings. You will reach them Mon-Fri 8 17. After business hours, please contact the 24/7 service team.

Self-booking system

User information.

24/7 service after business hours

After business hours, additional charges apply, in accordance with the current price list, see Prices.

  • Phone: +46 (0)10-25 25 605

Groups and Conferences

In the case of larger events, such as a trip with the department, a kick-off or a conference, please contact the Groups & Conferences for an offer.

  • Phone, in Sweden: 010-25 25 605
  • From abroad: +46 (0)10 25 25 605


Price list in accordance with the frame agreement and second competition, which was undertaken in cooperation with Umeå University.

Traveller ID

An updated traveller ID makes the work of the travelling agency easier, just like the invoice process. Mandatory information is a user name as well and a cost centre, for example SIVKAR, 9320. In addition, you have the option to add further information, such as the aim of the trip or a project activity. This will facilitate the invoice process. The invoice is from XLNT Travel, but it is sent out via SEB Bank, as all authorities have a travel account as part of the framework agreement.

You can complement your traveller ID in the self-booking system

Sustainable travelling

XLNT Travel has a clear focus on sustainability. Mid Sweden University is currently reviewing its sustainability work and there are suggestions to introduce both environmental compensation and deviation reports. The current regulations on business travel and meeting are under revision.  

Secure travelling

Booking your business trips at XLNT Travel, gives Mid Sweden University, as your employer, the possibility to take action in case of an emergency.


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