The university's procured travel agency XLNT Travel filed for bankruptcy in June 2020 and can no longer support Mid Sweden University in travel issues. Below is updated information about what applies at present.

Meetings that do not involve travelling contribute to the sustainable development of Mid Sweden University, by means of economic savings and less negative impact on the environment. As far as possible, we therefore ask you to choose travel-free options, such as web, video conferences or phone, for your meetings.

Information on travel bookings

Temporary travel restrictions in 2020

Due to the Coronavirus / Covid-19, the Mid Sweden University crisis group has recommended all employees to minimize business trips between campus locations. In addition, the recommendation is to follow the Foreign Ministry's recommendations regarding travel. The head of department / head of division decides whether a business trip is necessary. Business travel in this context does not refer to trips between home and work. Otherwise, Mid Sweden University follows the decisions and recommendations that both the Government and the Public Health Authority give.

What does it mean that the travel agency XLNT Travel has gone bankrupt?

Mid Sweden University's procured travel agency XLNT Travel filed for bankruptcy on June 10, 2020. The reason is the ongoing pandemic. This means that they can no longer help employees at Mid Sweden University to book travel or conduct of / rebooking. More information on procedures can be found below.

Does Mid Sweden University have claims for XLNT Travel?

The bankruptcy trustee will include any claims in the bankruptcy record to be drawn up in the bankruptcy. At this stage, the bankruptcy trustee cannot provide information on the extent to which dividends will be involved in the bankruptcy.

Mid Sweden University travel billing is done through the government-procured travel account (SEB Diners). All bookings are invoiced according to previous procedures.
However, if you have a hotel voucher, you may have to pay the hotel night directly to the hotel. In this case, for hotel vouchers, we must request reimbursement for double payment by the bankruptcy manager. XLNT will invoice via the travel account and you make an expense yourself to the hotel. Expenses are reported as usual in Primula.

If you need a private credit card provided by MIUN, more information (in Swedish) can be found here.

Affected travelers should have been contacted by XLNT Travel. For claims against the bankruptcy estate, the attached form must be completed and sent to the bankruptcy trustee via e-mail. A traveler takes care of this himself. A copy should be sent to and

When does Mid Sweden University sign an agreement with a new travel agency?

As soon as Mid Sweden University has signed an agreement with a procured travel agency, it will be possible to carry out a travel booking through a travel agency again.

At the procurement of XLNT Travel, Mid Sweden University in 2019 entered into a so-called 'suspension agreement' with the Umeå University, which means that Umeå University together with Mid Sweden University took care of the procurement.

Continued collaboration is ongoing with Umeå University. We hope that a new solution will be available this fall. Departments/divisions are now called upon to postpone bookings.

What are the requirements for procurement of travel agency?

It is important that booking is made through a procured travel agency in order to fulfill the requirements for the correct procurement of travel, and to be able to have an overview and control of Mid Sweden University's business travels and costs. In addition, one of the criteria is that payment of travel is made through the government-procured travel account. This means that the travel agency receives compensation from SEB Diners who later invoices Mid Sweden University. The condition for certain insurance policies to apply is that the trip is invoiced via the travel account.

Are bookings, vouchers and reservations issued by XLNT Travel still valid?

It is not possible to provide a general answer because there are many different types of vouchers / reservations.
If you as a employee at Mid Sweden University have vouchers or vouchers issued by XLNT Travel, you need to contact the travel agency as soon as possible to find out if these are valid or not.
XLNT Travel has stated that they hold some staffing from 10 June to the end of June (it may be an extension).

Contact information for XLNT Travel:
Phone: 010-25 25 605

Another option is to contact the final supplier, such as Scandic, or SAS, to investigate whether a voucher is still valid.

What if I have questions about invoices, receivables or other matters related to finances?

If you, as an employee, have questions regarding a planned trip that must be canceled or rebooked, you as a traveler should contact the chosen supplier. There may be long processing times at the suppliers. If you have questions about your invoice from Diners, contact your production accountant.

Is issued tickets still valid?

Issued tickets booked through travel XLNT are still valid and are not affected by the bankruptcy.

How should I do to re-book or cancel an already booked trip?

You must contact the supplier with whom the booking has been made.

What do the bookings look like for the summer?

A regular period from June to August, Mid Sweden University employees travel minimally. This summer 2020, business trips are replaced with digital meetings. If you need to carry out a business trip, consideration should be given to the recommendations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Government's decisions and the Public Health Authority. The head of the departmen/division decides whether a business trip must be carried out.

For other questions regarding XLNT Travel

For special needs, questions can be directed to Lena Jadekrantz and Anna Lundgren at the Division of Finance. You can also contact Carina Wikstrand, who is a procurement officer on the Vice-Chancellor’s Office.


Travel between campus locations

Traveling by Norrtåg between the Sundsvall and Östersund campuses or vice versa is not affected by the fact that XLNT has gone bankrupt. Extracted travel card is valid. If you need a travel card, contact your production accountant.


The National Procurement Services at the Kammarkollegiet has a framework agreement with hotels (in Swedish). Right now we advise against making reservations until more information arrives.


You have the possibility to activate an account with the taxi company Flygtaxi. The service means: air taxi, train taxi and regular taxi.

To activate an account, the procedure is as follows:

1. You fill in the supporting documentation and send it to EKO

2. Air taxi activates your user account

3. You will then receive a username and password from Flygtaxi

4. You will also receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to make a booking

You can always contact the booking support provided by Flygtaxi.
phone: 010-140 77 77

Web Booking:
An app is available for download / Flight taxi


The National Procurement Services at Kammarkollegiet has a framework agreement with airlines. That agreement states that bookings should always be viewed through a travel agency. We are currently investigating the possibility of booking through government-agreed airline suppliers. Right now we advise against making reservations until more information arrives. The advice at present is to wait for more information and don’t make any reservations.

Rental car

If you are going to make a business trip by car, you should primarily travel by rental car. When booking a rental car, book with one of the suppliers listed in the framework agreement (in Swedish).


Other transports such as Arlanda Express or bus travel in scheduled services have previously been booked through the contracted travel agency XLNT Travel. Until Mid Sweden University has a new travel agency, you must make a private expense and then report your expenses in primula. Compensation may be paid on the next payroll.

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