Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Starting in the fall of 2020 the Division of Research and Educational Support offers qualifying courses in teaching and learning in higher education. If you work as a university teacher at Mid Sweden University you are warmly welcome to apply.


The qualifying courses in teaching and learning are at advanced level and ranges over ten weeks of full-time studies, equivalent to 15 course credits. Read more about the required higher education teaching qualifications here.

As determined by the Vice-Chancellor (Dnr MIUN 2020/94), the courses are given by the Division of Research and Educational Support (FUS). The course package at Mid Sweden University consists of four compulsory courses and one eligible course. Each course comprises two weeks of full-time studies at quarter speed, equivalent to 3 course credits. The courses are offered in both Swedish and English and you can take part irrespective of which campus you are stationed at.

The courses are in different ways connected to the Mid Sweden university strategy 2019-2023, especially as regards lifelong learning, digitalization, sustainable development, internationalization and equal opportunities. In one of the compulsory courses, you will be given the opportunity to carry out an educational project linked to your own field of activities.


The following compulsory courses will start during the academic year 2020/2021:

In order to become qualified as a university teacher, you need to have concluded all the four compulsory courses and at least one course of your own choice. The following eligible courses are being developed, and some of them will start during the spring semester of 2021:

  • Writing a teaching portfolio (application form opens in October 2020)
  • Technology enhanced learning (application form opens in October 2020)
  • Norm critical approaches to higher education (application form opens i October 2020)
  • Course development and examination


The courses are free of charge and target employees at Mid Sweden University. Entry requirements are a higher education exam. By applying, you confirm that your application is approved by your head of department. Application forms will be available in February for courses starting in the fall, and in October for courses starting in the spring. You will find the application form on the course web sites (click the links above).

For more information about our courses in teaching and learning in higher education, see our FAQ.


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