Checklist Digital Exam

  • Register for the exam well in advance in Ladok. Registration closes five working days before the exam date.

    Register in Ladok

  • The digital exam is written in a system called Inspera Assessment which is ran with Safe Exam Browser (SEB), a secure browser. When in use, you cannot open other programs or access files on your computer.

    Chromebook will not work to use with SEB.

    Be sure to download SEB and do a demo exam before the exam. Your computer must be connected to eduroam.


    Do Demoexam


    To you as a teacher: Feel free to submit a short lecture / information for the students before the actual exam date when they bring their computers and you go through the preparations together and test the demo exam.

  • You should be in place no later than 20 minutes before the exam starts. The exam is done in halls on campus.

    Make sure you are logged in 10 minutes before start to ensure that everything works.

    Connect the charger to your computer before the exam starts.

  • You must know your user information for your student account. If you do not know these, contact the IT helpdesk well in advance before you write the exam.


  • Own computer:

    •   Bring your own computer with Safe Exam Browser installed.
    •   Make sure it is connected to eduroam.
    •   You may not use an external keyboard.
    •   External mouse, on the other hand, works well. A wired mouse is preferable, as wireless mice can sometimes have difficulty operating in the secure browser.
    •   Remember not to bring equipment that flashes or illuminates in a way that may be perceived as disturbing.
    • Chromebook will not work to use with SEB.


    Borrow computer:

    If you do not have your own computer to bring, you can borrow a computer for the exam.
    NOTE! Booking must be made no later than 3 working days before the exam.

    Borrow a computer

  • Are you entitled to special educational support? Register it in connection with your registration for the exam in Ladok. 

    Pedagogical support at the examination


The page was updated 1/3/2023