If you plan to study abroad or do a traineeship within the EU/EES, then you can apply for the EU financed Erasmus+ scholarship. For studies and traineeships outside of Europe, there are limited possibilites to apply for scholarships through various types of associations and networks.

CSN- Swedish Board of Student Aid
If you qualify for CSN financial aid for studies in Sweden, then you can apply for CSN also for exchange studies. Contact CSN for more information.

Erasmus+ scholarship for exchange studies or traineeships
If you have been accepted for exchange studies at a partner university within Europe/EES you are eligble to apply for the Erasmus+ scholarship. It is also possible to apply for additional scholarship if you have special needs due to a disability, or if bringing your child.

Erasmus+ scholarship for studies

If you have an internship/traineeship in your programme, or if you will do an internship in the EU/EES related to your studies during a school break or after completion of your programme, you may qualify for the Erasmus+ scholarship for traineeship. 

The insurance Student OUT provided by Kammarkollegiets and the possibility to do an online language course for free is also included in the Erasmus+ scholarship.

Train scholarship Erasmus+
If you choose to travel by train instead of plane to your study/trainee destination within Erasmus+ you may qualify for an extra 190 EUR travel stipend. The travel stipend can be used for train tickets or to partly cover a train travel card. If you choose to travel by train and make stop-overs in other countries during your journey, make sure that you have sufficient insurance. The Student UT insurance is valid only in the country where you will study/trainee and during direct travel there.

In case of more applications than available funding, awards are determined by lottery.

Nordlys and Nordplus

Nordlys is a network for exchange places and scholarships within the Nordic countries. This is open for students from a wide range of studies. For more information, visit Nordlys.

Nordplus is another network for exchange places and scholarships within the Nordic countries. This is currently for the Journalism, Nursing, and Education programmes.

North2North is a network of universities located in the north. This network offers tuition free exchange places and scholarships. Members include universities in the northern parts of the United States and Canada, as well as universities in Russia, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Finland. For more information about the application critera, visit North2North.

The Student Union
The Student Union at Mid Sweden University has their own scholarship fund, Studenternas Stipendiestiftelse. Contact the Student Union for more information.

Other scholarships

Search for scholarship through the Mid Sweden University library in the database Global Grant.