Kaarlo Niskanen

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Kaarlo Niskanen was born 1957 and grew up in Kuhmo, north-eastern Finland. He studied physics in Helsinki University of Technology and Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA, with a PhD 1984. After that Niskanen worked as a paper physicist at KCL, the research company of Finnish paper industry, as well as adjunct professor at two universities. The last 10 years he had various management roles at KCL, in the end as President. He also did an eMBA exam with focus on the commercialization of research.

In January 2010 Kaarlo Niskanen was appointed as guest professor in Mid Sweden University and since October 2010 he has been the research director of FSCN.


PhD, Professor and Research Director for FSCN.


Samlingsverk (redaktör)

Niskanen, K. (ed.) (2012). Mechanics of paper products. Berlin : Walter de Gruyter


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