Susan Foran

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Current research
My research focus is the literature of chivalry and war emanating from the Anglo-Scottish conflicts known as the wars of independence (1296–1357) and the Hundred Years War (1337–1453), primarily between England and France. My doctoral thesis (Trinity College Dublin, 2007) and postdoctoral fellowships (Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Royal Society of Edinburgh, University of Bergen, and Fordham University) focused on royal biography, romance and chivalry, and chivalry and national identity. My current research focuses on the medieval ‘law of arms’, chivalry and the environment, sacralization of battlefields in late medieval historical writing and chivalry and just war theory. I am the coordinator of the Chivalry Network at the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Trinity College Dublin and have formed the new MIUN Medieval and Early Modern Research Group:

C and D projects:
I am interested in supervising students in all areas of literature but especially older literature and older literature in the classroom.



Political Literatures

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