Research centers

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The research centers are the centers for high quality research in the profile areas, but they also serve as a platform for collaboration with financiers and other interested parties.

Our research centers

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At DEMICOM we conduct research on democracy and communication in the digital community. The research is interdisciplinary and includes research groups and projects that integrate and deal with journalism, crisis communication, media development, organizational and political communication.


The European Tourism Research Institute (ETOUR) at Mid Sweden University develops and communicates scientific knowledge about tourism and travel. ETOUR works closely with entrepreneurs and industry, NGOs, and governmental entities. The Institue is Sweden's leading tourism research institute and offer the first PhD program in Tourism Studies.

FSCN laboratories

Fibre Science and Communication Network, FSCN

FSCN – Fibre Science and Communication Network is a multi-disciplinary research centre at Mid Sweden University. FSCN carries out research that supports the development of forest-based industries and new opportunities for forest-based biomaterials.

Risk and Crisis Research Centre, RCR

Risk and Crisis Research Centre (RCR) develops and communicates knowledge about risk, crisis and security.

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Sensible Things that Communicate, STC

STC - Sensible Things that Communicate develops sensor-based systems and services for use within Internet of Things. The research is conducted in the electronics and computer science with a focus on smart industries, next-generation measurement systems and functional surfaces.

Sports Tech Research Centre

Sports Tech Research Centre is a multidisciplinary research centre with a focus on applied science within the field of sports and product development. The centre works closely with partners in different fields, from hospitals and outdoor manufacturers to international engineering industries.


The Centre for research on Economic Relations, CER

The Centre for research on Economic Relations (CER) conducts industry-oriented research on economic relations of companies and individuals, preferably in the banking, insurance, pension, audit and property industries.

B-labbet, NVC, testcykel, tester, Viktor Brännmark

The Swedish Winter Sports Research Centre, SWSRC

The idea of building a skills cluster for elite sports in Jämtland-Härjedalen arose in the 1990s, from the idea of being able to offer elite athletes at the region’s “ski university” further support in the form of a range of supporting functions or activities.