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At the University, there are a range of research projects in a variety of topics.

Ongoing Research Projects

(S)VINN – Designing away waste

In summary, this research project focuses on 1) investigating people's perceptions about waste and how it is managed, and 2) to reduce waste for preventive purposes before it even arises.


Asthma is relatively common among the population in Sweden, but even more common among those who practice endurance training in the cold, such as cross-country skiers. Can the use of heat and...

AI Climate and Growth

The overall goal of the project is to strengthen the green and digital transformation of the region’s businesses with artificial intelligence to boost growth and develop sustainable products and...

AI Competence

The project will increase knowledge, recruit and build competence in Artificial Intelligence in Västernorrland and Jämtland / Härjedalen through targeted recruitment efforts to Mid Sweden Universit...

Air bnb

Many cities around the world have experienced tremendous growth in short-term rentals due to Air bnb's growing popularity. But what happens to residential areas, the labor market and local resident...

Augmented Sports

Sports are constantly evolving and impose new demands on equipment and technology while creating opportunities to develop new sustainable products and services.

BioRem Fiber

Within the BioRem Fiber research project, the goal is to develop market-adapted environmental technology to clean up fiber banks along the coast of Västernorrland with the help of fungi, plants and...


The project is about NEETS (Not in Education, Employment, or Training), and especially young mothers and the long-term unemployed. The overall aim is to provide policy recommendations.

Democratic innovations at the local level

The project studies democratic innovations at the local level, with focus on new ways of organizing local politics and involving different actors in local decision-making. The project will study tw...

The Female Athlete

Healthy women of reproductive age have a natural hormonal cycle, the menstrual cycle; they can also become pregnant and give birth. This affects sport in various ways. The project aims to improve...

Digital Database of National Tests

This project aims to create a searchable digital database comprised of old national tests (pupils’ answers and teachers’ comments included) for boosting professional competences in terms of...

Teachers and Dyslexia

The project aims at understanding different types of knowledge teachers (including university lecturers, in-service and pre-service teachers) have about dyslexia i.e., knowledge, diagnosis and...

Intimate Partner Homicide among Young People

Even though research has shown that intimate partner homicide is a serious societal issue, information about how this crime is characterised among youth is still lacking. The aim of this research...


The ECWA-NOR project aim to ensure the quality of our water bodys through analysis and tracking of the E.coli bacteria and eDNA.

Embedded Deep Learning Systems -EDGY

In the current stage of the industrial evolution, automation has become a key component for industries to thrive, and at the core of it we have Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a driving force.

Tourism Enclaves

In this research, we discuss and overview the nature and basic ideas related to enclaves and enclavisation processes in tourism development and tourist consumption.

European Education Policy Network

The European Education Policy Network on Teachers and School Leaders is a Europe-wide network of relevant organisations to promote co-operation, policy development and implementation at different...


FoamFiber will use nanocellulose-cellulose composites to replace fossil plastic products, in order to meet the major climate challenges in today's society.

Smart Industry Sweden

Within Smart Industry Sweden, five Swedish universities are gathering cutting-edge expertise in the field of smart industry. The graduate school wants to create a cohesive group of industrial...

The power grid of the future

The project is about developing different methods to manage the consequences that arise with increased expansion of renewable energy in electricity grids.

Future Welfare: Healthcare and School

The program's goal is to pave the way for a larger project, aiming to develop a strong research environment, which in connection with high-quality education can secure competence and skills in the...


Gaming4Coding is an Erasmus-projekt with the aim of developing a game where K-12 students should learn how to program in Python. At the same time as the game must be joyful to play, it should be a...

Green Wing

Östersund becomes the centre of development of a new type of energy-efficient and climate-smart aircraft wing for electric aircraft.

Gatekeepers of the Undesired

In this project, we contribute with a knowledge and a research overview in the realm of how housing policy is exploited at the local level to restrict the settlement of vulnerable groups in general...


Projektets huvudbudskap: Alla unga människor ska ges samma möjlighet att delta i, och kunna tillägna sig, en inkluderande undervisning med hög kvalitet.


In this project, we want to develop technologies for sensors, measuring systems and IoT solutions for monitoring in the production and use of hydrogen to provide greater security.

Hyperlocal media and their democratic significance

Not long ago, traditional media, also known as legacy media, were the only ones that produced journalism. This project takes a closer look at the so-called “hyperlocals”–independent media companies...

Information driven Forest Industry - prestudy

This prestudy will bring together forest industry actors in industry, network actors and academia in order to develop a strategic initiative that will accelerate the use of AI-based information to...


This project focus is to reinforce and renew the competence in Information Visualization and Visual Analytics.


This project will build a new national infrastructure for visualization and analysis of scientific data. The new infrastructure will give researchers access to expertise and development of competen...

IoT for Smart snow removal

Snow removal costs Sweden's municipalities about 1.5 billion per year. The goal of the project is to collect data, develop analysis methods and look at business development to streamline and increa...

IoT Testbäddar

I projektet "IoT Testbäddar" ska nationella testbäddar inom smart industri och smarta samhällen etableras samt en tankesmedja inom IoT med målet att öka forskning och utveckling i regionen.

Quality in preschools

The aim of the project is to develop methods and ways of working to create consensus on what quality in preschool is and to develop the skills of preschool principals to work with systematic qualit...

Litium-ion batteries

Researchers at FSCN research centre have developed high-capacity batteries using a novel nanomaterial.


The project MAGI aims to develop test and lab platforms for sensor technology and lightweight constructions.


Critical exploration of media related risks and opportunities for deliberative communication: development scenarios of the European media landscape.

MiLo Water

Pollution in water can affect both people and society. In MiLo Water, the researchers will build on the technologies and methods developed in the previous project MiLo to be able to identify and...

Mistra Sport and Outdoors

Mistra Sport & Outdoors is a Swedish research and collaboration programme aiming to generate knowledge and solutions to increase sustainability in sport and outdoor recreation.

Multifunctional landscapes

This project developed new solutions for meeting increased demands of biomass for food, energy, and other biobased products, at the same time as conditions for biodiversity and multiple ecosystem...


NeoPulp is a Research Profile with a vision to build a pioneering research profile in fibre behaviour during pulping and papermaking processes.

NIIT - Next Generation Industrial IoT

NIIT is a new research action at Mid Sweden University. The industrial focus is the next generation IoT technology and methods supporting the transformation of the process industries. The research ...

Management through networks

This project studies the so-called River groups. The focus is on how collaboration between private and public actors functions as a tool for risk and crisis management. They also study network...

Feeling safe – digital tools in homecare

The purpose of the follow-up research of the pilot project is to evaluate the citizen, relatives' experience of safety, participation, confidence in self-being, health and activity before/after...

Parasport and inclusive exercise

People with physical and intellectual disabilities are less likely to participate in sport activities and are less physically active than their counterparts. This project aims to investigate...

PLENOPTIMA – Plenoptic Imaging

Plenoptima is European collaboration with researchers and partner organisations in an innovative training network. The aim is to develop a cross-disciplinary approach to plenoptic imaging.

Political Literatures

Political Literatures is an interdisciplinary research network founded by academics based in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences in early 2020.

Political parties and school visits

In the project, researchers collaborate with school representatives to study political representatives' school visits. A survey is developed to assess the situation in Jämtland Härjedalen and...

Polygenetic risk for anxiety

This projects will determine whether polygenetic risk for anxiety influences gene-expression in blood and brain function following stress.

Popular Culture Tourism

PopCulTour is a research project that focuses on how value is created in popular (pop) culture tourism, i.e. tourism induced by for example film, television and literature. The research project...

Rapids and backwaters

This project will explore how digitization has affected value generation for arts and culture. It will examine how regulation, copyright and cultural policy have adapted to the digital production a...


REACTION will build the first worldwide and European 8-inch SiC wafer pilot line facility for power technology. The project will re-set European competitiveness, rearranging worldwide factories...

Robust entrepreneurship in times of crisis

The project RoBust aims to increase knowledge about conditions and needs for change within the tourism and small-scale artisan food industries due to societal crises. The aim is further to highligh...


Development and evalutation of internet-based methods for assessment and treatment of mental ill-health among refugees. A research collaboration with LiU and KI.

Sio Grafen

Additive Manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, is a rapidly growing manufacturing method. To make more advanced products, new materials are needed. In this project, we will develop an...

Fast Frequency Reserve from Hydropower

Renewable energy increases the need for better frequency reserve in the power grid. Hydropower has the potential to be able to compensate for fluctuations in the grid. Within this project, new...

STORE - Electrical energy storage

Society is transitioning from fossil energy to green alternatives. As a result, the need to store energy from, for example, solar panels, wind power and electric cars is increasing. This project ai...

Support during dementia

The prevalence of dementia diseases is increasing worldwide with advancing age and growing populations. In Sweden alone, which currently has a population of approximately 9 million people, there ar...

The Skiers Metabolome Project

This exploratory research project aims to identify novel biomarkers of health and performance among elite cross-country skiers.


Developing of a program regarding rest and outdoor recreation as a support to health and well-being of young cancer survivors.

What About Teachers´ Shortage

Many countries in Europe suffer from the same problem when it comes to lack of qualified teachers. To handle the situation, a new network is now being created, funded by the Swedish Research Counci...

Custody transfer of children in foster care

Discourses and dilemmas in the social services investigations. The ambition is to contribute with a norm-critical perspective and, through this, method development in the social services' work with...


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