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The project MAGI aims to develop test and lab platforms for sensor technology and lightweight constructions.

Cold start

The project aims to develop a stable working methodology in the long term in order to be able to use the EBM process to repair details.


BioChange will create conditions for companies to more easily change from fossil based plastics to more biobased plastics by offering quick comparative testing on the raw material before production.

Long-term parasport development

Research and development in para-alpine skiing and para-canoeing will contribute to long-term parasport development together with IPC, the International Paralympic Committee.

Safety systems for head injuries

With the help of a constructed surrogate head with many sensors, the researchers hope to gain knowledge of what is happening in the brain during trauma to the head. In this way, even better safety...

Treesearch Progress

On May 7-8 2019 we participated in Treesearch Progress at Vildmarkshotellet in Kolmården.

Sensors for Measuring High Water Flows

A new type of measurement equipment can make it easier for water companies to detect vents in the sewers and reduce environmental impact when extremely high water flows cause overload of the sewage...

3D-printing for the future

Ten years ago, Mid Sweden University acquired a 3D-printer for SEK 7 million. It provided researchers with unique opportunities and an advantage over the rest of the world that continues to this day.

Sports Tech Innovation Initiative

Sports Tech Innovation Initiative - STII, is a joint venture between Mid University and the business community, which will strengthen renewal and competitiveness primarily with companies engaged in...

Running downhill

Being able to keep high speed at steep downhill slopes when running outdoors is an important factor for performance in undulating terrain. However, to date research is sparse regarding the most...

Additive manufacturing

The lab for additive manufacturing enables to create advanced components in a variety of materials from a 3D model in the computer, complex geometries and functional materials which previously not...

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