Research Groups

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The priority research area is technology research concentrating on sensor systems and services within electronics and computer design. The technology research is carried out within nine research groups where the responsibility of the technology areas is to address the research challenges in the targeted areas. Here you will find a presentation of each and every research group.

Research groups at STC

Wireless sensor systems

Autonomous sensor systems

The research group within Autonomous sensor systems develop technologies in the areas of energy harvesting and embedded sensors targeting autonomous sensor systems with a focus on industrial applications.


Communication Systems and Networks

The Communication Systems and Networks group focuses on research areas to better understand and develop communication networks, particularly in the wireless domain.

Detector and Photonics

Develops detectors; thermal detector for CO2 based indoor climate control, electron detectors and detectors for Thermal Neutrons. Within photonics the main focus is on the development of new optical fiber based laser sources and fiber optic sensors for industrial and medical applications.

Power Electronics

Positions the research within high frequency power supplies in the frontline. The research have presented the only isolated converter above 3MHz with an efficiency exceeding requirements from commercial applications.

NFC Tag 2

Printed Sensor Systems

The research group Printed Sensor Systems develops an inkjet printed humidity sensor. Researchers are evaluating different coatings applied on plastic substrates to promote inkjet printing quality of conductive nano particle inks.

Röntgen X-ray STC

Radiation Sensor Systems

The main activities of the group on Radiation Sensor Systems concern pixellated detectors for ionizing radiation including both particles and photons. A significant part of the work is based on the MEDIPIX family of readout electronics and the collaboration within the MEDIPIX consortium.

Realistic 3D

The research at Realistic 3D is on Multidimensional Imaging and Visualization with focus on Multiscopic 3D Capture, Coding and Visualization.

Most photos digital kamera övervakning

Visual Sensor Systems

Study design of embedded electronics systems with a focus on applications where computing electronics, imaging detectors and image analysis is combined.


Program leader:
Prof. Mattias O'Nils

Faculty Administrator:
Lisa Velander

Public Relations:
Christine Grafström
Sofia de Wall

Research leaders

Autonomous Sensor Systems
Prof. Bengt Oelmann

Communication Systems and Networks
Prof. Mikael Gidlund
Prof. Tingting Zhang

Detector and Photonics
Dr. Göran Thungström

Power Electronics
Dr. Kent Bertilsson

Printed Sensor Systems
Prof. Hans-Erik Nilsson

Radiation Sensor Systems
Prof. Christer Fröjdh

Realistic 3 D
Prof.  Mårten Sjöström

Visual Sensor Systems
Dr. Benny Thörnberg