The priority research area is technology research concentrating on sensor systems and services within Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering.

The technology research is carried out within eight research groups where the responsibility of the technology areas is to address the research challenges in the targeted areas. Here you will find a presentation of each and every research group.

Research groups

Autonomous sensor systems

The research group within Autonomous sensor systems develop technologies in the areas of energy harvesting and embedded sensors targeting autonomous sensor systems with a focus on industrial...

Communication Systems and Networks

The Communication Systems and Networks group focuses on shaping the future of communication systems and networks, particularly in the wireless domain.

Embedded IoT systems

The research group target embedded implementation of IoT-nodes, with a focus on data intensive applications and with a holistic view of the IoT computational stack.

Materials physics

Our research concerns materials mainly with relevance for the forest industry. We have many projects in the field of large area applications and green energy, energy harversting, store and use energy.

Printed Sensor Systems

The research group Printed Sensor Systems develops an inkjet printed humidity sensor. Researchers are evaluating different coatings applied on plastic substrates to promote inkjet printing quality ...

Realistic 3D

The research at Realistic 3D is on Multidimensional Imaging and Visualization with focus on Multiscopic 3D Capture, Coding and Visualization.

Visual Sensor Systems

Study design of embedded electronics systems with a focus on applications where computing electronics, imaging detectors and image analysis is combined.